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images: the curries.


We've been in business since 2007, selling cakes and bakes to the trade. Today, our customers include Tinderbox, Waterstones Cafes, Gordon Street Coffee, Paesano, Glad Cafe, Marthas, Cranachan, Cafe Bombon, and many more throughout Glasgow, Ayrshire, and the central belt of Scotland. We've got a committed team of bakers at our bakery in Glasgow who excel at crafting delicious products using the best of what's in season. We can produce at high volume and we can also fulfil relatively small orders, so we're a great fit for local businesses of all sizes who want to provide the very best quality baked goods to their customers. 

Our customers love their flavour combinations, seasonal specials and artisanal look. We love their attention to detail and commited service; their products’ quality and attention to detail is always exceptional.
— Cranachan, Princes Square